mediaCastpro is online!

After years of work, mediaCastpro has become a reality and is finally online!

Companies and professionals can now sign up on the platform to sell or buy footage on any topic.

mediaCastpro is not yet another microstock agency but rather a real marketplace, which aspires to revolutionize the stock video market, targeting only video production professionals and enhancing more the value of the content for sale.

We, in fact, want to create a free market where sellers decide the selling prices, based on the real uniqueness of their content.

We also want to create a market where it is possible to sell videos on any topic, without the need for agency approval and without restrictive limits on the length of clips. On our platform it is possible to upload entire video shoots, even composed of many clips and not yet reworked, which are put up for sale immediately without the need for approval. In this way it also becomes possible to easily sell videos of news and events, perhaps of interest to TV stations or newspapers.

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