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mediaCastpro. is the first B2B footage marketplace where companies and professionals can buy and sell video footage on any topic.

  • Marketplace or agency?

    Marketplace or agency?

    As many may have noticed, we advertise mediaCastpro as a “marketplace”, often emphasizing that we are not an agency. But what does this really mean? Agencies are companies that acquire videos from contributors and then resell them on their own, giving the contributor a percentage of the sale price. A marketplace, on the other hand, […]

  • 20,000 clips for sale

    20,000 clips for sale

    We are happy to inform readers of our blog that mediaCastpro has exceeded 20,000 clips for sale, equivalent to about 86 hours of high-quality videos on a wide variety of topics! More and more vendors are deciding to join us. What makes us proud, more than the number of clips, is the fact that the […]

  • New referral program

    New referral program

    Nowadays, for a platform like ours, advertising itself is not easy. Our competitors definitely have much more budget than us, but we have many supporters who believe in us and our project. For this reason, why not pay our supporters to recommend us to friends and colleagues? That’s how the new referral program was born. […]

  • 15,000 clips for sale

    15,000 clips for sale

    We are very proud to share this milestone with the readers of our blog: 15,000 clips for sale on our platform after only a little over 3 months of opening. Of course, we are well aware that these numbers are very small compared to the numbers that other platforms have, but we think it is […]

  • VFX & 3D content classification

    VFX & 3D content classification

    As managers of a video marketplace, we are aware of how content classification is of primary importance so that users can find and purchase the videos they are looking for. For this reason, we decided to introduce a new content classification that divides videos into four different classes: Each video has on its thumbnail the […]

  • New bulk upload feature

    New bulk upload feature

    In these first few weeks of operation, we have realized that the amount of time that sellers have to spend on uploading videos and classifying them is really considerable, and we have noticed that this often leads them to give up. To try to solve this issue, we have developed a new bulk upload system, […]

  • More space for sellers

    More space for sellers

    Thanks to reports from some users, we realized that 100 GB of space for each seller was too little. Therefore, we decided to increase the space available to each seller to 1 TB. In addition, if the seller uploads good quality material, he/she can ask us for an additional space increase for free! Sell your […]

  • mediaCastpro is online!

    mediaCastpro is online!

    After years of work, mediaCastpro has become a reality and is finally online! Companies and professionals can now sign up on the platform to sell or buy footage on any topic. mediaCastpro is not yet another microstock agency but rather a real marketplace, which aspires to revolutionize the stock video market, targeting only video production […]