How to sell and buy multi-clip videos

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As we have often pointed out, on mediaCastpro it is possible to sell and buy videos even composed of more than one clip. Our motivations for opening up this possibility, seemingly against the grain of most microstock platforms, are basically the following:

  • to allow videos to be better grouped in search results, avoiding as much as possible hundreds of almost identical results as is the case on most microstock platforms;
  • to reduce the time contributors have to spend preparing, cropping and metadating video files;
  • to allow buyers to view multiple clips within a single page, avoiding forcing them to exit and re-enter a different page for each clip.

Today we want to show in a little more detail how this possibility can be taken advantage of.

How to put up for sale videos composed of multiple clips

In order to offer for sale videos composed of multiple clips, it is first necessary that all clips:

  • are about the same topic, as all metadata (title, description and tags) will be unique and valid for all clips, and cannot be differentiated;
  • share the same technical details, such as resolution, frame rate, bitrate, codec, number of audio tracks, and color profile.

If these requirements are met, then all these clips can be uploaded to a single sales page.

If you are using the standard upload procedure, i.e., via browser, simply select all the video files at the beginning of the procedure. Next, you will be asked for the usual metadata, such as title, description, and tags, and these will be valid for the entire set of clips.

If the bulk upload procedure using a CSV file is used, on the other hand, it is sufficient to indicate the exact same metadata for several rows so that all video files related to these identical rows will be uploaded on a single sales page.

Regardless of how you upload, you can always decide whether you want to allow the sale of individual clips or whether you want to solely allow the sale of the entire package of clips. Should you decide that you also want to sell clips individually, you can specify a price for each clip and a price for the entire package, as it may make sense to provide a discount for those who decide to purchase all the clips together.

How to identify and view videos composed of multiple clips

When you perform a search, in each thumbnail you can see, on the upper right, a number, which indicates just how many clips the video is composed of.

When you open a video composed of multiple clips with a device with a large enough screen, a vertical bar appears on the right with a list of all the clips present. Clicking on a clip immediately takes you to the beginning of that clip.

If you click play, all clips are shown concatenated, but you can tell which clip you are watching by looking at the number written below the player or the clip circled in yellow in the bar on the right.

How to purchase videos consisting of multiple clips

The contributor who uploaded the clips may have decided to allow the sale of individual clips or may have decided to allow only the sale of the entire package of clips. The options for purchasing, with associated prices, are visible on the right side of the video.

If more than one clip is purchased, downloads of all of the purchased clips, each represented by a different file, will be enabled when payment is completed. The clips are in fact always separate files, although in the preview, for convenience, they are shown as concatenated.