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mediaCastpro for the environment (also) thanks to Storj

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Since its inception, mediaCastpro has always made environmental friendliness one of its priorities.

The basic idea on which mediaCastpro was built, in fact, was to create a platform where journalists and audiovisual professionals could sell and buy event and news videos – as well as stock videos – while avoiding having to move their own video operators. Nowadays, in fact, almost every news outlet or TV station has its own video operators who travel to the site of events to shoot. This approach is very un-eco-friendly and brings no particular benefit to companies. It is definitely greener – and also cheaper, which often prompts more companies to change! – that the filming is done by a few operators, possibly already close to the events, and then sold to interested parties.

This new business model seems to have appealed to several companies, which is why they put their trust in mediaCastpro, uploading their videos to our platform in order to be able to sell them. In our first year of operation, an average of more than 120 video clips per day were uploaded to mediaCastpro. For this very reason, we were faced with the need to find a solution to be able to store such a large number of videos, with a size of several terabytes. Wanting to remain as “green” as possible, we looked for an environmentally friendly storage solution, which we found in Storj. On this page you can see why Storj is a particularly eco-friendly storage solution.

In addition to being more environmentally friendly than using traditional datacenters, using Storj is also a more economical solution, allowing us to be more competitive in the market.

For more information, to sign up on mediaCastpro or to contact us, visit www.mediacastpro.net.