Need stock footage that can be broadcast on TV?

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Online platforms where you can buy stock footage are many. There are agencies that allow users to download as much footage as they want for a more or less expensive monthly or annual subscription. There are agencies that offer paid packages with a certain number of downloads included. Finally, there are agencies that charge for individual videos that are downloaded.

Regardless of the business model, almost all stock agencies have one feature in common: they place limits on the use the user can make of the downloaded videos. Usually, in fact, users can use the downloaded footage within video productions that will be broadcast online, for example on their own websites, on Youtube, or as online advertisements. However, very rarely users are allowed to use downloaded footage within video productions that will be broadcast on TV or otherwise to a particularly large audience. In order to broadcast downloaded footage on TV, an additional license fee is often required, the price of which is sometimes not even clear but is discussed on a case-by-case basis by the sales team working for the platform.

All these complications – and expenses – lead most TV broadcasters and large video producers to have no convenience in using these stock agencies. In fact, it would often be cheaper for them to commission new footage from videographers than to purchase content on these platforms.

To accommodate these realities, mediaCastpro has decided to place no limits on the use that users can make of purchased videos. Specifically, no constraints are placed on the number of projects in which the videos will be used, the size of the audience that will see the productions, and the channel through which they will be broadcast. In practice, it is safely possible to use purchased footage within video productions that will be broadcast on TV, without the need to purchase any additional licenses.

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