At what prices is it worth to sell the videos?

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At what prices is it worth to sell the videos? We have been asked this question many times, so we decided to make two new options available to sellers:

  • Allow mediaCastpro to choose the prices of your videos.
  • Allow mediaCastpro to apply discounts if a user purchases more than one video from your shop in a single order

Enabling the first option means that videos can be sold at different prices than those indicated by the seller at upload. Specifically, the actual selling prices will be calculated by our platform based on several parameters, including, for example: how much that video is searched and viewed, the buyer’s country of residence, and the presence of similar videos on our platform or others.
However, we want to give a guarantee to the seller that if the video is sold at a price other than the one he or she quoted, that price will still be no less than $20 per clip.

Activating the second option causes discounts to be applied to users who purchase multiple clips from the same seller within a single order.
These discounts will be progressive based on the number of clips purchased and will vary indicatively from 10% to 50%.
However, we want to give the seller a guarantee that if discounts are applied, they will never exceed 50%.
Of course, simultaneous activation of both options could result in some clips, if present within larger orders, being sold for less than $20.

Why did we decide to provide an option to discount multiple video purchases from the same seller?

Many stock video platforms offer buyers the opportunity to purchase bundles of downloads (for example, 10 or 50 in a year) at discounted prices, often on a subscription basis. However, we cannot offer such packages to buyers because the selling prices of videos on mediaCastpro are generally chosen by the sellers and therefore we cannot sell them at lower prices. However, wanting to offer incentives to buyers who purchase more videos, we then came up with this option.
Activation of this option by sellers is entirely optional, although strongly recommended by us in order to encourage larger orders from buyers, which also benefits the sellers themselves. We point out, in fact, that we, unlike other stock video platforms, only apply discounts against multiple videos purchased from the same seller. In this way, the seller also really benefits from the discounts, and if he/she finds a video sold at a lower price than usual, it is only because there are other videos from his/her shop in the same order.

To activate one or both of these new options, simply login to mediaCastpro, navigate to the “Account” page, and from there go to the profile page with your details.