How mediaCastpro can help video journalism

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mediaCastpro is a B2B marketplace where you can sell and buy footage on any topic. Unlike existing video sales platforms, such as microstock agencies, mediaCastpro allows even very long, unedited videos composed of many clips to be uploaded and immediately offered for sale at the price chosen by the seller. These features make mediaCastpro the ideal platform where news and event videos can be sold and purchased.

It is true that many newsrooms and TV stations already have their own correspondents and ENG crews to film events, and they also often already have a network of contacts to whom they can sell or from whom they can buy videos should they need them. However, this by no means makes a platform like mediaCastpro useless. In fact, newsrooms and TV stations could benefit from this platform for several reasons:

  • They could increase the likelihood of selling the footage they own by no longer relying solely on the network of contacts they are part of, but by accessing a new platform with several international buyers. mediaCastpro places no constraints on content exclusivity, so it is possible to sell footage even if the same footage is simultaneously sold privately through other channels.
  • They could cut costs by purchasing footage from operators already on the scene of events, avoiding the expense and time of traveling of their own operators.

Usually, when a news event occurs, scheduled or unscheduled, newsrooms and TV broadcasters send their own cameramen to the site to take footage that is similar to each other, and it is often not cost-effective for those involved. mediaCastpro seeks to reduce this phenomenon by providing a safe and secure platform where journalists and reporters can sell and buy news and event videos. Videos can also be sold, at the seller’s discretion, under an exclusive license, that is, with the guarantee that only one buyer can purchase the video by acquiring all rights to it. In addition, if a reporter/operator is already in contact with a specific company (e.g., a newsrooms or TV station), he or she can also privately sell videos to the latter, thanks to the Priority service.

Another feature of mediaCastpro that could be very useful for those working in video journalism is video requests. In fact, the platform allows users to send video requests, which are short text messages expressing interest in purchasing videos related to a particular event or topic. The event in question may have just occurred or even be scheduled in the future. Vendors, as soon as they have videos that might satisfy a certain request, can send them in response, giving the requester the opportunity to purchase them.

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