New “similar videos” section

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The mediaCastpro team is happy to announce the introduction of a new feature. As of today, in fact, under most videos, there is a new section “Similar videos from the same seller”, in which other videos similar to the one you opened are shown. This section can help users:

  • to find other potentially suitable videos if the one opened does not fully meet expectations;
  • to find other videos with the same subjects or models if the user needs to purchase more than one clip.

For filling this section, we have developed an algorithm that takes into account the original file name and associated metadata in order to detect any similarities between different videos.

However, if a seller wishes to have more control over the content of this new section, they can contact us and indicate how they would like to group the videos.

We believe that this new section can help users find the videos they need more easily and quickly and can therefore also lead to increased sales, which will benefit the entire community of mediaCastpro users, including sellers.

For any information or feedback, we are always available at

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