Why buy footage on mediaCastpro?

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There are many platforms on the web that allow users to purchase royalty-free stock footage, including very large and famous ones. Why, then, should users prefer mediaCastpro?

๐Ÿ’ณ Because generally on mediaCastpro footage costs less. There are some 4K videos, listed on both mediaCastpro and two other very famous platforms, that on the latter two cost 261 euros ($281) and 149 euros ($161), respectively, while on mediaCastpro they cost only 36 euros ($39). How is this possible? Because we are a B2B platform accessible only to registered users, with less expenses and less traffic, because we use an innovative storage system, and because we guarantee sellers a much higher percentage on purchases, so they can sell for less. In fact, we only retain 25-30% versus a typical 60-85% of many other platforms. This makes mediaCastpro a much more ethical platform because it makes sure that most of the revenue goes to the people who actually made the footage and not to the platform itself.

๐Ÿ’ฐ Because on mediaCastpro you only pay for what you buy. Most other platforms push buyers to pay expensive monthly or annual subscriptions that allow for a certain number of downloads. This approach, which on the surface saves buyers money, in reality seldom really has that effect, since the number of downloads provided is almost always either too low or too high and does not mesh well with the buyer’s needs. On mediaCastpro, on the other hand, the buyer pays only for the videos he or she downloads at the right price, not overly inflated for the sole purpose of pushing him or her into a subscription. This is precisely the philosophy of mediaCastpro: sell at the right price, without subscriptions.

๐Ÿ“บ Because content purchased on mediaCastpro can be used in any video production with no limits either on the distribution channel (online, TV, โ€ฆ) or on the size of the audience that will see it. This great freedom granted in the use of content, often not present at other stock footage platforms, makes mediaCastpro easily usable even by large companies.

๐Ÿ“‹ Because the use of content purchased on mediaCastpro does not require source attribution. Maybe not everyone knows this, but some of the largest stock footage agencies have clauses in their terms that, under certain conditions, require buyers to cite the platform from which they purchased images. Here are a few examples:

Excerpt of FAQ as of 11-Dec-2023 from one of the world’s most widely used stock platforms
Excerpt from the terms of use as of 11-Dec-2023 of another of the world’s most widely used stock platforms

This very stringent constraint pushes several companies away from using stock footage. On mediaCastpro, on the other hand, no one is forced to cite the source from which the footage was taken. If the buyer is happy with the platform and wants to sponsor us, he/she can do so freely and as he/she chooses, without any compulsion.

๐Ÿ‘” Because mediaCastpro is a B2B platform open only to those working in audiovisual content production. This leads to two substantial advantages: the first advantage is that the content for sale is not publicly visible to everyone but maintains its own confidentiality until purchase and use. The second advantage, on the other hand, is that the platform is designed for audiovisual professionals and is, therefore, more user-friendly for them: for example, prices are shown without VAT and taxes and it is very easy to make VAT- and tax-free purchases. MediaCastpro’s approach is definitely “business-first” rather than “consumer-first”.

๐Ÿ•‘ Because content on mediaCastpro does not need prior approval, which leads to two substantial advantages. First, you can also find footage related to events and news events that have just happened. In fact, some sellers have told that some other stock footage platforms take up to months to approve new videos, making it impossible to sell news footage. Second, the absence of prior approval makes mediaCastpro a freer and more decentralized platform and therefore less prone to censorship and favoritism.

๐Ÿ’ฅ Because on mediaCastpro you can find footage sold exclusively. If you buy a video sold exclusively, you will be the only one who can use it and you are guaranteed that no one else can. In fact, the video will become yours for all intents and purposes. In addition, if you often purchase exclusive content from certain vendors, you can ask them to send it to you directly so that you can purchase it without it ever being made visible to other users on the site. In this way, you would actually make a direct, private purchase, as if they were commissioned videos. For more information you can see how the Priority service works.

๐Ÿ“น Because on mediaCastpro you can buy footage composed of many clips, as generated by the camera and also very long. For many video editors, dealing with original, unedited material that has not yet been processed or cut is a great opportunity to make better finished videos. Other stock footage platforms, however, too often place limits on video lengths, codecs, or formats. On mediaCastpro it is also possible to upload footage with LOG profile, optionally applying a LUT to the preview that is shown to buyers.

๐Ÿ”Š Because on mediaCastpro you can request the footage you can’t find and get it directly from sellers. In fact, thanks to the video request feature, you can describe the footage you need and receive any proposals from sellers.

๐Ÿƒ Because mediaCastpro is eco-friendly. In addition to having a “green” business model, which disincentivizes the movement of many video operators in favor of a market that allows remote buying and selling, it also uses a particularly environmentally sustainable storage: Storj.

๐Ÿ“„ Because on mediaCastpro, with each purchase, you receive an invoice detailing the purchased footage and its cost. If you are a professional who makes videos for clients, having an invoice for the purchase can be useful to you, in order to be able to charge the final client. In the case of content downloaded as part of subscriptions, however, it is usually not possible to have a receipt showing the footage and its cost.

In essence, mediaCastpro is a safe and secure environment where audiovisual professionals can sell and buy footage freely, at the right selling prices, and without an intermediary who not only chooses the prices and the videos that can be published and takes most of the profit, but also places many constraints and limitations, on topics, codecs, durations, etc.

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