mediaCastpro Priority service

What is mediaCastpro’s Priority service for and how does it work?

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As has been repeatedly pointed out, mediaCastpro is not an ordinary microstock platform, but rather a true marketplace designed to facilitate the buying and selling of video footage on any subject between professionals in the field.

A fairly common situation in video production is that of videographers and reporters who, while freelancing, sell most of their videos to a few specific companies with which they collaborate.

For example, a video reporter might shoot footage of an event and then try to sell it to a TV station with which he often collaborates.

For this very reason, mediaCastpro allows, through its Priority service, videos to be sold privately to specific accounts. Privately sold videos are not visible on the mediaCastpro site except to the accounts involved.

To give a more concrete example of how the Priority service works, suppose that a TV broadcaster, registered on mediaCastpro, used to collaborate with a video reporter, also registered on mediaCastpro.

Suppose now that the video reporter takes footage of an event that might be of interest to the TV broadcaster. Under these conditions, a typical scenario might be as follows:

  • The video reporter uploads the video to mediaCastpro and indicates in the upload procedure that he wants to sell the video privately to that TV station for 3 days at a certain price.
  • The TV broadcaster receives a notification from the mediaCastpro site that he has received a new video and can then view it and, if he finds it interesting, purchase it. If he buys it, no one but him will have seen that video and he will have exclusive rights to it. If, on the other hand, he does not purchase it, at the end of the 3 days, the video will be made viewable and purchasable by all other mediaCastpro users.

The video reporter has the option of choosing both how long the video remains private and purchasable only by the TV broadcaster (in the example, 3 days) and whether to actually make the video available to other users when the time expires. The video reporter could also decide that he does not want to sell that video to other users so, if the TV broadcaster does not purchase it in the chosen time frame, the video is automatically deleted.

mediaCastpro Priority service

The Priority service could also come in handy if you want to sell videos with very sensitive and special content that you do not want to make visible to all users of the site.

To take advantage of the Priority service, simply have the TV broadcaster activate the service and send a Priority connection request to the video reporter, using the appropriate page on the mediaCastpro site. The video reporter will be able to accept the request and send Priority videos to the TV broadcaster whenever he sees fit.

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