20,000 clips for sale

20,000 clips for sale

We are happy to inform readers of our blog that mediaCastpro has exceeded 20,000 clips for sale, equivalent to about 86 hours of high-quality videos on a wide variety of topics! More and more vendors are deciding to join us.

What makes us proud, more than the number of clips, is the fact that the monthly growth in terms of clips is getting bigger and bigger:

  • Between January 6 and February 6, 1,419 clips were uploaded.
  • Between February 6 and March 6, 2,653 clips were uploaded (up 87% from the previous period)
  • Between March 6 and April 6, 5,162 clips were uploaded (up 95% from the previous period)

It is an exponential growth! This data is a great incentive for us to do better and better.

New clips per month

For this very reason, we are working to create a mailing list to inform monthly about mediaCastpro news and we are building partnerships with operators and platforms in the audiovisual world in order to become more and more competitive.

With these good intentions that we hope to accomplish soon, we wish a Happy Easter to everyone!