News footage: why buy or sell it on mediaCastpro?

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Nowadays, there are thousands of TV stations, newspapers, and websites that publish news every day, often accompanied by pictures or videos of events. To get the videos to show users, TV stations and newspapers often send their correspondents to the site to do the filming. This has several disadvantages including:

  • πŸ’° Considerable cost, for transportation and honorarium of the person doing the filming.
  • πŸ•‘ Delay in delivery of files, due to transportation that inevitably takes time or sending files via telephone systems that do not always have speeds adequate for the load to be sent.
  • 🌏 Little respect for the environment, as several people travel to the same place to shoot the event.

mediaCastpro was created precisely with the intention of solving these problems, creating a marketplace where professionals interested in buying and selling news and event videos can meet and do business.

The idea is that footage from an event, instead of being commissioned individually by each interested party, can be taken by a few professionals, perhaps already close to the event itself, and then sold to interested parties. In this way, it can be done in a cheaper, faster and more environmentally friendly way.

Much of the existing existing video stock platforms are not suitable for hosting news and event videos for a variety of reasons:

  • πŸ’Ύ They only deal with microstock.
  • πŸ•‘ Uploaded content requires agency approval, which could take up to several days, making the content obsolete.
  • πŸ’° The sale price is usually chosen by the agency, often only on the basis of resolution or other parameters that do not really take into account the uniqueness of the content, and thus making it unattractive to sell particularly important or unique images.
  • 🏦 The sales commissions retained by agencies are very high, often between 60 and 85 percent, thus making the profit for those who made the images truly minimal.
  • πŸ“Ί The videos for sale are publicly viewable and purchasable by all, so many TV broadcasters and websites may not accept this, preferring to commission images that are unique.

mediaCastpro tries to overcome all these limitations through its unique features:

  • πŸŽ₯ mediaCastpro was created for whole video shoots also composed of many clips, as well as dealing with microstock and footage in general.
  • πŸ•‘ Uploaded content does not need prior approval but is put online immediately.
  • πŸ’° The selling price is chosen by the seller, who thus has the opportunity to give proper value to his/her images.
  • 🎁 The sales commissions retained by mediaCastpro are a maximum of 30%, thus leaving at least 70% in the hands of the seller who made the images.
  • πŸ‘” The platform is accessible only to professionals, while consumers cannot even view videos for sale.
  • πŸ“‹ It is possible to sell videos exclusively to a single buyer, if desired even in a direct manner, without the video ever being visible to other registered users.

All these features make mediaCastpro the ideal place to sell and buy news and event videos.

Although the platform has only been in existence for a short time, it can already boast a good amount of content and is growing rapidly.

Registration is free, and if you want to sell, enabling the sale usually takes only 10 or 15 minutes.

For more information you can visitΒ mediaCastpro – The new platform for news and journalism.