mediaCastpro opens to users from Ukraine

mediaCastpro opens to Ukraine

The entire staff of mediaCastpro is happy to announce the opening of the platform to Ukraine. As of today, professionals residing in Ukraine will be able to register on the marketplace to sell and buy videos.

Ukraine is the 31st country where we have made mediaCastpro accessible. We decided to open in this country as a result of the many requests we received from users.

Sometimes someone asks us why we are not accessible from all over the world but only from some countries. The reason is that it is not easy to open all over the world: each country has slightly different laws regarding copyright or taxation of digital content, and therefore before opening in a country, the legislation has to be analyzed, branches or tax positions in that country have to be opened if necessary, and all this requires money, consulting, and staff. Because we are a very young company, we don’t have a huge budget at our disposal, and so we prefer to spend it on promoting ourselves in the countries where we are most successful, rather than spending it on opening in countries where perhaps, at the moment, there is no particular interest.

Of course, it is clear that our long-term goal is to open worldwide.

If mediaCastpro is not yet available in your country but you would like us to open, please go to the registration page and leave your e-mail address. We try to give priority to the countries from which we receive the most requests. By doing so, you will also be notified when we open in your country.