mediaCastpro newsletter is born

The mediaCastpro team is pleased to announce the creation of a newsletter that will inform all its members, on an approximately monthly basis, about new features on the platform.

It became necessary to create a newsletter because the mediaCastpro team is constantly working to add features to the platform and there was a lack of a way to inform users of these new features.

For example, at the moment the mediaCastpro team is working on making more comprehensive statistics available to sellers that, in addition to purchases, include views of each video for sale. These statistics will be useful for sellers to better understand the videos that are of most interest to potential buyers.

In addition, a new feature of the platform is being designed that will allow potential buyers to request videos pertaining to a certain topic and will allow sellers to respond to these requests by attaching the videos they have. This new feature goes further and further in the direction of making mediaCastpro a true platform for audiovisual professionals that goes far beyond simply stocking videos.

To stay informed about when these and other features will be released, how mediaCastpro is growing and evolving, and how you can benefit from using mediaCastpro, subscribe to the newsletter now. Subscription is free and you can unsubscribe at any time using the link at the bottom of each e-mail.

Subscription to the newsletter is, of course, open to both mediaCastpro registered and unregistered users. Emails will be sent in English, with the only exception of Italian users who can receive them in Italian.