Statistics available to sellers

Statistics available to sellers

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In recent weeks, several sellers have told us that it would be useful to see some metrics related to the videos they put up for sale. In this way, sellers could understand which videos are most searched and viewed by users.

Just to meet this need, which is completely understandable, we developed a system for tracking views. Now sellers can see, for each of the videos they have listed for sale:

  • The number of opens (i.e., how many users have opened that video’s page)
  • The number of views (i.e., how many users actually clicked the play button)
  • The number of purchases (i.e., how many users purchased at least one clip of that video)

These metrics are available for three different time ranges:

  • Last 7 days
  • Last 30 days
  • Last 365 days

Of course, since the tracking system was installed about a month ago, the statistics for the last 365 days will show much lower values than actual, at least until a year has passed.

The numbers you see are always related to the number of accounts that have performed a certain action (opening, viewing, or purchase): if an account views a video several times, for example, even if on different days, only one view is still counted, and it is considered to have been performed the last time of the many.

Because the numbers provided for each video are so many (opens, views, purchases, in 7 days, in 30 days, in 365 days, …) and this might make it not so trivial to compare the statistics of two different videos to see which one arouses more interest, we have also developed a more concise and easy-to-use value: the interest index.

Video statistics

For each video, the interest index is represented by a single integer that can range from zero to infinity. The calculation of this value takes into account the number of opens, views, and purchases, giving more weight to recent events than to past ones. Thanks to this particularly concise number, sellers can easily sort the videos for sale from the one that generates the most interest to the one that generates the least. This makes it easy to see what kind of content is most popular with users.

Each seller, in fact, by going to his/her store, will find a “Most viewed” link, by clicking which he/she will access the sorted list of his/her videos for sale, starting with the one that arouses the most interest and ending with the one that arouses the least. On each video’s view page, however, the seller will find a “View statistics” link to access that video’s statistics.

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