Sell & buy documentaries on mediaCastpro

Sell & buy documentaries on mediaCastpro

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The mediaCastpro team is pleased to announce the introduction of a new type of video that you can now buy and sell on the platform. This is “finished videos”, which is in addition to the four types of videos already supported. Thus, the supported video types are now as follows:

  • AV Video Regular videos, i.e., clips of video filmed with a camcorder, with no effects added.
  • VFX Video Videos with effects, i.e., videos to which effects have been added in post-production.
  • 3D Video Animations, i.e., videos made with computer graphics.
  • CK Video Chroma key, i.e., videos that have green (or other colored) areas that the buyer can easily replace in post-production with the images he or she wants.
  • Finished Video Finished videos, i.e., videos that have already been reworked, effected, and edited and can therefore be used as is.

This last type, i.e., “finished videos”, was introduced to be able to contain, for example, documentaries, which a filmmaker might have made independently. Some entities, such as TV broadcasters or large web platforms, might be interested in viewing and purchasing this content and then showing it to their users. This new type of video, in addition to documentaries, could also be used for new TV formats or any other finished production.

We wanted to provide for this new type of video because we received several requests from filmmakers asking if short documentaries could be sold on our platform. Given that we are a marketplace, and not an agency, and therefore do not want to limit the type of content that can be sold, we wanted to accommodate these requests by introducing a new type of video that would better represent this new type of content.

After all, it was quite natural that we would get these requests sooner or later, since the platform, since its inception, has allowed the uploading of videos up to 2 hours long and the ability to independently choose selling prices.

We are of course aware that mediaCastpro is not a platform explicitly designed for the sale of finished videos, and that someone may therefore find it confusing to sell both microstock videos of a few seconds and finished, edited videos that are hours long on the same platform. However, remember that video types are easily filtered in searches, and so it is very easy to include or exclude finished videos.

In any case, if we see that many finished videos will be uploaded, we are prepared to create a new, more separate section of the site specifically for this purpose in order to create less confusion. In this case, the metadata of the finished videos could also be differentiated, for example to include the names of the people who worked on its creation, which would obviously not make sense for a microstock video, or to include additional clauses to the license to use the video.

The mediaCastpro team is always ready to respond to the needs of audiovisual professionals and to add to the platform all the features necessary for it to become the most comprehensive platform on the web. Do not hesitate to write to us for any advice or ideas! We look forward to seeing you at