New video request feature

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The mediaCastpro team is pleased to announce the introduction of a new feature within the marketplace: the ability to submit video requests.

As much as a video buying and selling platform like ours may already contain many videos immediately available for purchase, users do not always find what they are looking for.

If until now a user who could not find the video he or she was interested in was forced to hire a videographer to make one on commission, from today he or she can avoid that and try mediaCastpro’s new feature: sending a video request.

The video request is a message consisting of a title and description, where the user specifies what kind of video he or she needs, such as that of a specific event or subject.

This message, once sent, becomes immediately visible to all mediaCastpro users, and especially to vendors. Those who can fulfill the request, can upload the video footage to the platform, if it has not yet been done, and in the response indicate the link pointing to the proposed video. If the video is not purchased, it still remains for sale on mediaCastpro, not making the time taken by the seller to upload it wasted.

Video requests can also be used to demonstrate a user’s interest in purchasing video of an event that has yet to take place. By doing so, videographers know in advance that footage from a certain event may be of interest to some users and may therefore be prompted to upload it as quickly as possible to the platform. For example, a journalist might make a request for Milan Fashion Week a few days in advance, and then receive videos in response as soon as they are available.

Video requests are thus an opportunity for both buyers and sellers: the former can find more videos without commissioning them, and the latter can propose videos that have a good chance of being sold right away.

To view existing video requests or create new ones, simply log onto the mediaCastpro website, click on “Account” and then on “Video requests”.

Sellers who wish to try to fulfill video requests can also enable email notification with each new request that is entered.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us using the “Contact us” link within the platform or by emailing us at